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Sorry! No page this week :U ( Reply )

I'm sorry! I had really wanted to be consistent, but alas...If I dont have a page though, I will at least try to have somekind of related eye candy posted every Saturday that I run out of pages.
I have been pretty busy with other things, so I havent been able to work on finishing up the rest of the chapter. To make matters worse, I've lost my tablet pen while packing my stuff. I beleive it got left behind :,( and has probably been thrown away. My family isnt very bright. Ive had the thing for years and they still cant tell that its not a real pen. *facepalm* I mean, YEAH, it resembles a pen, but damn, it isnt hard to tell the difference. So anyways, I have to order a new pen from waccom for 30 friggin dollars. *wallet sobs are heard in the distance*

:U ANYWAYS again,
:D This is the first drawing of Tsuno that I had done. This picture here is what started it all! I loved this band called Born, and the bassist had a lovely mohawk and I immediately fell in love lol. I was drawing a monster but I wanted his face to be nice(?). Then it hit me, I should draw Kifumi's face(ish) and hair since I love his hair so much haha XD
well then I drew the little girl's face like mine, since when I was small I had believed in monsters but had an odd fascination for them. The little blue dragon is one that I have.The room was just completely made up though lol

Once I fnished it, I loved it and the seed was planted lol then 2-3 months later It was decided and I started sketching up characters and planning the story. As you can see, Tsuno's gone through a few changes but mostly the same :3 The girl is almost exactly the same (or at least I try to draw her the same lol)

posted by Hisui-Hyena on Feb 19 2013 03:23 pm

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@Louisianimal: haha yeah, XD he's 8"
@moe2311: lol

posted by Hisui hyena (Guest) on Mar 10 2013 10:22 pm

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