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False Figments

About to be rebooted!!!



I have been AFK for far too long.
Im sorry not sorry to say, the wait will continue for now.
IM GIVING THIS BAD BOY AN OVERHAUL! Character designs wont be changed much. but the pages and story direction are. Ive learned a lot in my time away, and these pages just arent going to make the cut. Theyre shitty and must be destroyed. lol
Things are going to be smoother, nicer, harder, fuller, juicier, bigger, and better!!! This shits going to be beautiful!!!!

;D Its going to be a few months before anything can be cranked out, but as i said before, Ive got big plans for this baby!!

posted by Hisui-Hyena @ Dec 08 2016 06:54 pm  -  0 comments

Chapter one!!! Fully Sketched!!!

I will start posting pages from the first chapter! :D Huzzah!!

posted by Hisui-Hyena @ Dec 21 2012 04:14 pm  -  0 comments

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